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Team News:

A View From the Stands

By Bob Suphan
March 25, 2011

HONOLULU, Hawaii --Aloha From the Third Base Side

When I was asked to write something for the Na Wahine website, my first thought was, "Why me? I'm new to the booster club." I thought about this new experience of writing about a team of which I had no inside information, and none of whose players I had ever met, and realized that the whole softball season is a series of "news."

The opening of the fall softball exhibition games is eagerly looked forward to as it is a chance to see the new team. There are new names and new faces for the fans to learn, and the new players have to adjust to a new field and a new system. There are new alumnae at the alumnae game. And while it is wonderful to see those players in a new role, we also miss those whose new lives do not permit them to be there.

February heralds the new season, with "real games", and a chance for a new beginning. The new statistics for the season reflect the new hits, runs, innings pitched and strikeouts recorded. The chilly evenings and warm afternoons in the stands drift by, often with multiple games. The new player positions and lineup begin to jell, and the new look of the team becomes solidified.

Tonight, the new WAC season began, and it began with a 5 - 2 win. The game also had two other news - the first homerun for Jasey Jensen as a Wahine, and I believe that it was the first homerun that I have seen Stephanie Ricketts hit. Of course, seeing the team win was not a new experience, but it was as exciting as a new event. It is always fun, too, to see new youth softball teams attending the games, not only to cheer on the team but to learn new techniques themselves.

The remainder of this new season will have its ups and downs, its victories and defeats. Each game, however, starts as a new opportunity, a new experience for the players and for the fans. The hope and excitement of each game is new, with new achievements and new challenges. And each new game is a new chance for the fans to show their appreciation of the Rainbow Wahine Softball Team and its players, both old and new.





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