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Team News

By Pomai
Oct. 8, 2010

Coach Bob Coolen has released the 2010 - 2011 Na Wahine Softball team roster.

00 - Kelly Majam
1 - Jessica Iwata
2 - Mika Tagab-Cruz
3 - Sharla Kliebenstein
4 - Rachel Paragas
5 - Brynne Buchanan
7 - Tara Anguiano
8 - Dara Pagaduan
9 - Sarah Robinson
10 - Stephine Ricketts
12 - Jori Jasper
13 - Jenna Rodriguez
14 - Alex Aguirre
16 - Kaia Parnaby
21 - Gerika Pantohan
23 - Jocelyn Enrique
25 - Makani Duhaylonsod-Kaleimamahu
26 - Shannon Lum
28 - Jazmine Zamora
29 - Kaile Nakao
30 - Jasey Jensen
32 - Ashley Smith
33 - Melissa Gonzalez
34 - Dori Leong

2010-2011 Season Preview

Kevin Kacatin
Oct. 8, 2010

***Note, all listed candidates for player positions in 2011 are by assumption based on listed information from the official 2011 Rainbow Wahine softball team roster and are not reflective of true decisions made by the coaching staff of the Rainbow Wahine softball program. As with any team sport, changes can happen at any given time.***

With a fabulous historic end of the 2010 season for the Rainbow Wahine, UH softball fans can only think of the possibilities for another great season in 2011.

In 2011 the Wahine will return the 2010 national leader in home runs and 2010 WAC Freshman of the Year sophomore centerfielder Kelly Majam, the 2010 WAC Player of the Year and a NFCA National Player of the Week honoree sophomore shortstop Jessica Iwata, the ace-pitching duo of sophomore Kaia Parnaby and the 2010 WAC Pitcher of the Year junior Stephanie Ricketts (both Parnaby and Ricketts earned multiple WAC pitcher of the week honors in 2010), two-time WAC All-Academic team honoree junior outfielder Alexandra Aguirre, First Team All-American at 3rd base Melissa Gonzalez, and First Team All-WAC and All-West Region honoree senior Jenna Rodriguez, who made national headlines as she got the decisive walk off home run against #1 seeded Alabama during the Tuscaloosa Super Regional to send the Wahine to their first Women's College World Series.

Majam, Aguirre, Gonzalez, Rodriguez, and Iwata all accounted for 103 of the Wahine's NCAA record shattering 158 home runs in 2010.

With any graduating class, comes the question of who will replace them. The 2011 Rainbow Wahine softball team will have some holes to fill behind the plate, at the bases and in the outfield.

Here is a look at the positions either up for grabs or positions seeking depth:

1st Base. Amanda Taualii started in this position in 2009. In 2010, she contributed 18 home runs at the plate and finished with a fielding percentage of .975 with 12 errors at 1st. In 2010, Taualii earned 2nd team All-WAC honors. As one of the senior leaders of the 2010 team, Taualii brought her own presence to the field to help inspire her teammates both through words and by her actions. As a second year starter, Wahine fans will not soon forget her uncanny ability of knowing her surroundings, especially at home in the Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium, which gave her a distinct advantage of acquiring necessary outs in a short amount of space.

In 2011, possible candidates for 1st base are junior Makani Duhaylonsod-Kaleimamahu, sophomore Jori Jasper, and junior transfer Shannon Lum.

2nd Base. Traci Yoshikawa has been in and out of the starting lineup for the Wahine. Often between shortstop and 2nd base. In 2010 she found her niche at 2nd base. In 2010, she contributed 13 home runs at the plate and finished with a fielding percentage of .947 with 13 errors at 2nd. 2010 was a memorable senior year for Yoshikawa as she finished with a career high batting average of .246 and had a wonderful WCWS run scoring the winning homer in the opening round against Missouri.

In 2011, possible candidates for 2nd base are junior Dara Pagaduan, sophomore Tara Anguiano, freshman Dori Leong, freshman Kaile Nakao, senior transfer Jasey Jensen and freshman Jazmine Zamora.

Catcher. Katie Grimes has been a four year starter for the Wahine and a luxury for Coach Coolen to have since 2007. In 2007 Grimes earned herself the 2007 WAC Freshman of the Year as the Wahine made their first Super Regional appearance against Tennessee and enjoyed a national ranking throughout the entire season which included a WAC regular season championship. Along with Yoshikawa, Grimes enjoyed a great individual senior year finishing with a career high batting average of .282 and had a seven game hitting streak from the home series against San Jose State until the road series against Boise State. She also finished 2010 with WAC All-Tournament Honors and 11 home runs. In a career spanning four years Grimes provided a steady presence behind the plate for the Wahine. In four years Grimes amassed a career total fielding average of .985 with only 18 errors over four seasons. As with Taualii, Grimes was a never-ending source of inspiration and guidance for her younger teammates and a key component to the success the program enjoyed in 2010.

In 2011, possible catcher candidates are: freshman Sharla Kliebenstein, sophomore Jocelyn Enrique, junior transfer Ashley Smith.

Outfield. Kanani Pu'u-Warren, like Taualii was a two year starter for the Wahine. In 2009, she carried out her outfield duties at center and in 2010 moved over to the right. At the plate, Pu'u-Warren finished slightly below her 2009 batting average at .253 with a contribution of 7 home runs. In right field she had fielding percentage of .976 with only 2 errors on the year. In 2010 the outfield defensive play of the Wahine was spectacular and Pu'u-Warren's previous experience in 2009 allowed her to perform in this position well. With a strong arm and improved speed, there was no liability in the outfield in 2010. Pu'u-Warren had made herself known as she set a new UH record in 2010 for being hit by a pitch at 36 times over two seasons. However, she also made herself known to conference opponents as she had a batting average of .337 in WAC play between 2009 and 2010. In addition, her leadership also helped foster along the right winning attitude further enforced by her fellow seniors.

In 2011, possible outfield candidates are: junior Mikalemi Tagab-Cruz, junior Rachel Paragas, sophomore Brynne Buchanan, senior Jenna Rodriguez, senior transfer Jasey Jensen, and freshman Jazmine Zamora.

The Wahine will return senior 1st Team All American Melissa Gonzalez at 3rd base. Gonzalez pounded 25 home runs last season and was one of the Wahine's most consistent batters. She also garnered 1st Team All WAC Honors, WAC All-Tournament team honors first team All-West Region Honors and became the first ever American-born Rainbow Wahine to be selected as a first team NFCA All-American. At the plate Gonzalez had a memorable junior year with a batting average of .394 and led UH with 25 multiple-hit games. At 3rd base, she grew into her 4th different position in almost as many years. Previously Gonzalez experienced playing time as a pitcher, at second base, at shortstop, and in the outfield.

Looking to earn some playing time at 3rd base and provide depth as well are freshman Gerika Pantohan and junior Sarah Robinson.

The 2011 season brings a new year of intrigue and hope. Finishing in the season-ending national polls at #7, the Rainbow Wahine will look to move forward with the momentum they gained in 2010 both on the field and with their popularity amongst UH fans at home and on the US mainland.

"PUPUKAHI I HOLOMUA" (united to move forward)