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"A DELIGHTFUL Evening for All"
By Kevin Kacatin
Oct. 20, 2010

HONOLULU, Hawaii >> It is often said that if you dream, you must dream big. Much to the delight of the Hawaiian Delight, they caught a glimpse of what could be in their futures through hard work and dedication. The 14-and-under ASA softball squad hailing from Ewa Beach cheered on the University of Hawai'i Rainbow Wahine softball team Tuesday night October 19 as they took on Christian Brothers University in an exhibition doubleheader.

"It was good for the kids to see the college game in person and it really motivates them to play their best" said Lance Lee, whose niece plays for the Delight. It wasn't that long ago that many of the current Rainbow Wahine were in those shoes themselves. During the 2010 season and their rise to popularity, then-freshman and National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-American Kelly Majam reminisced of the days when she was younger and looked up to the young women of fast pitch softball. Now she and her teammates serve as the role models.

The Delight's head coach, Lena Robins, also can remember what it was like to have been a student athlete in her days at Kailua High School. "We've been playing since 2009, and just last season we captured the state championship in the 12-and-under division" says Robins. Coach Robins understands the importance of exposing her young athletes to the right environment in which their talents can grow as the Hawaiian Delight have also been involved with high school softball camps. "Many of our girls have aspirations to play in high school and then carry over to college, they had a lot of fun tonight watching the Rainbow Wahine and it just adds to their love of the game."

It is apparent that for these young softball players their dreams are not limited to league and tournament championships. Many young players look to the women they see on television playing the sport they love and playing it on a national stage. "I like to watch softball on TV and the Wahine were awesome last year" cites Hawaiian Delight pitcher Kiana Anderson.

Anderson like many of her teammates, while young, already have made up their minds as to what lies ahead for their softball careers and that is to keep playing. Centerfielder Zariah Robins, who plays a multitude of sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer apparently has settled on softball as her favorite. "Playing centerfield keeps me in shape, I like to run around and like to keep moving, but I like softball the best and I do want to play in high school and then play in college" says Robins.

While the individual goals of players will always be evident, there is the undeniable allure of camaraderie and the promise of making life long friendships found in a team sport environment that keeps these girls motivated as well. For infielder Tserina Paglinawan those intangibles are a big part of what drives her motivation in addition to building her young career, "I do want to play in high school and in college too, but like how we learn to communicate with each other and just how to work as a team and not just individuals. My teammates are a lot of fun too!".

After the games, the Hawaiian Delight hurried down to the Rainbow Wahine dugout to meet and obtain autographs from the 2010 WAC Champions. The smiles and excitement on the faces of the Delight players were as abundant as the cheers throughout the three-and-a-half hour event. For UH head coach Bob Coolen, it was a much appreciated surprise. "We were shocked at the overall turnout and the Hawaiian Delight just added to the atmosphere of the crowd that was already there. We could hear them cheering us on and even the coach from Christian Brothers University joked if they could take the Delight on the road with them to serve as their cheerleaders."

The night was a memorable one for the team from ‘Ewa Beach. Not only had they just finished watching their first live NCAA Division I college softball game, they shared a few words, hugs, and photos with Hawai‘i’s team, but it truly was a moment where two 2010 championship teams on different ends of the softball spectrum came together for the love of the game. Call it "the present meets the future" or "kids getting to meet their idols", but whatever you call it, it was something the Hawaiian Delight team will never forget.

"We will be back for sure" said Hawaiian Delight head coach Lena Robins. "We had a lot of fun and our girls loved every moment of it".


Shout Out
The Booster club would like to give a big shout out to the ASA team "Hawaiian Delight"

Head Coach Lena Robins
Assistant Coach Brent Arellano
Assistant Coach Joey Rodrigues

Miriam Hirata
Alyssa Mendosa Salud
Zariah Robins
Chelsey Perreira
Tserina Paglinawan
Kaylen Arellano
Sierra Arellano
Kiana Anderson
Tiala Manu
Ashley Doldolea
Abby Dololea